What Garden Visitors Can Expect

At Delano Daylilies, garden visitors roam through four acres in a rural setting and enjoy nature and over 1,400 varieties of daylilies during bloom season. For obvious reasons, all of the offerings are not listed on the web site or in our price list. There’s a price range for everyone. If you’re simply looking for color for your garden or if you’re collecting the latest double, spider or full formed introduction, there’s something in the garden that will fit your budget and your taste. Prices begin at $5.00/clump and there are several $5.00 beds. There are also several beds which are priced as marked (from $5 to $150).

With rare exception, plants are lined out in July and August for sale in the spring of the following year. Any increase in that plant from line-out to sale is passed along to our customer.

For those who are bringing family members to look at daylilies, but you are more interested in sitting in the shade and drinking a cold Coke, we’ll point you to the covered pavilion. There you’ll find comfortable chairs, picnic tables, a koi pond and a garden restroom.

While you’re enjoying your Coke and watching the koi, those of your party who are roaming the beds will take a handful of locator flags. Each customer gets their own color to avoid confusion on orders. They will place a locator flag by each clump they want us to dig. When they have gone through the beds and made their selections, they simply come to the pavilion and tell us they are ready for us to dig their choices. Then they can rest and cool off while we do the work. We dig and double-bag the plants (a plastic bag then a paper bag). The registration information is written on the outside of the paper bag. You’ll be on your way home to plant in a very short time.