Introducing Geraldine Couturier

H. “Karen Newman” (Couturier 2006)
36″, Diploid, Dormant, Mid-Season, Reblooms, 7″,
Buff Yellow Bitone With Peach Eye Above
Large Chartreuse Throat. Unusual Form (Crispate).
Its parentage is: Seedling X H. “Exotic Butterfly”

Geraldine Couturier receiving the Region 10 Lee Pickles
Outstanding Service Award and the AHS Region 10 Service Award.
(Photo by Laura Riester)

Many of you are familiar with Geraldine Couturier, recognized across the nation as a Spider and Unusual Forms expert, with several of her cultivars featured in The Color Encyclopedia of Daylilies. After beginning to hybridize in 1985, she registered her first daylily in 1990. It was H. ‘Witches Brew’ and it won an AHS Honorable Mention in 2000.

Geraldine and her husband John (“Jack”) called Strawberry Plains, TN (near Knoxville) home until October 2013. Their Sunnyridge Gardens was on AHS National and Regional tours. Geraldine served as an AHS Exhibition Judge for over 20 years and has been a familiar sight at daylily shows in the southeast United States. She has also served as a Garden Judge and Garden Judge Instructor.

Geraldine has made presentations at Mid-Winter Symposium and at various daylily clubs. She’s won numerous photography and service awards on both a national and local level. She’s been tireless in her service to AHS, the Region and her local club. She’s been generous in donating plants (and a lot of her time) to National, Regional and local events.

Until a few years ago, Geraldine had one of the largest collections of early daylilies. A portion of this collection is now being cared for at the University of North Dakota. In 2006, due to health reasons, Synnyridge Gardens in Knoxville, TN (the gardens of Geraldine and John Couturier) closed to the public. Geraldine continued to hybridize but the marketing and distribution of her plants was moved to Delano Daylilies.

In October 2013, Gerry and Jack moved “home” to Michigan to be close to family. In declining health themselves, they needed to be available to help care for Gerry’s mother. Gerry left Steve and me in charge of H. ‘Adorable Curls’…her only 2013 introduction…and two seedlings which will be possible future introductions. She wants to see how they fare in the cold and snow of Michigan before she registers them. At any rate, Gerry says they will most likely be her final introductions.

John and Geraldine Couturier at the
2007 AHS National Convention in Minneapolis, MN.
Photo by Laura Riester.

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