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Featured 2014 Introduction: STEVE NEWMAN
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All introductions are listed in alphabetical order. Click on each photo to see a full-size, high-quality photo of the flower in full bloom as it would appear in your garden.

AMALFI SUNSET (Spacecoast Fancy Dancer x Portofinio), a 5.5 inch, 30 inch tall flower. A sunfast flesh pink with orange blushing and a green over yellow throat. A Lanny Morry registration.  AMALFI SUNSET
This is Amalfi Sunset, a 2014 registration/release of Lanny Morry. Parentage is Spacecoast Fancy Dancer x Portofino. Anyone lucky enough to have travelled to Italy’s Amalfi coast, as I have, knows the glory of an Amalfi Sunset. Bloom is 5.5 inches and this plant, like all but one of the others posted here are northern hardy dormants.
AMY WINEHOUSE (Golden Buddha x Crazy Ivan), a 7 inch flower, 35 inches tall. A brilliant yellow with white midribs and a solid green throat. A Mick Morry registration.  AMY WINEHOUSE This is Amy Winehouse, a bright star from New York who took the musical world by storm before her tragic death a few years ago. It is a tall plant with 4 way branching and 7 inch blooms. It is a Mick Morry 2014 registration/introduction. Parentage is Golden Buddha x Crazy Ivan.
BAKEAPPLE JAM  BAKEAPPLE JAM This is Bakeapple Jam, a 2009 registration of Lanny Morry, 2014 release. A pony sized flower of shockingly bright colouring, this is a dormant. It is named after a much treasured jam produced from the fruit of the bakeapple bushes I used to pick as a kid and young adult in the marshy lands of the Avalon Peninsula, in Newfoundland, Canada, on frequent summer holidays with my family.
CABOT TOWER (Elegant Candy x Tet Spirit World) a 4.5 inch flower, on a 28 inch scape. An orange flesh toned flower with a brilliant raspberry eye and edge, with veining, and a green over yellow throat. A Lanny Morry registration.  CABOT TOWER This is Cabot Tower, named in honour of the building on the top of the tallest hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland, from where Marconi sent the first wireless trans-Atlantic message more than 100 years ago, opening instant communication, as it was then, between North America and Europe and the rest of the world. Parentage is Elegant Candy x Tet Spirit World and it is a Lanny Morry 2014 registration/introduction.
CAPAHAYDEN [(Wisest of Wizards x Dreams of Heroes) X (Ada May Musick x Rhapsody in Time), a 5.5 inch bloom on a 32 inch scape. An electric bubblegum pink with a vibrant plum eye, veins, and a pencil edge with tiny white teeth, and a green over yellow throat. A Lanny Morry registration.  CAPAHAYDEN This is Capahayden, named after a small Newfoundland fishing community on the Avalon Peninsula south of St John’s, noted for the number of shipwrecks off its shores, the hardiness and good nature of its inhabitants, and the huge herds of caribou that roamed the barrens in this area when I was a kid and young adult. This was the largest, most southerly wild caribou herd certainly in Canada, and I think in the world. This is a 2014 registration/introduction, a dormant, out of (Wisest of Wizards x Dreams of Heroes) X (Ada May Musick x Rhapsody In Time). I love it because it is an electric hot pink which is why I selected it to release.
CRASH BANG WALLOP (Cherry Burst x Sun Moon Stars), a 4.5 inch bloom on a 30 inch scape. A brilliant burnt orange with copper and crimson speckles and veins, and a crimson eye and edge, with a secondary wire cream edge and a green over yellow throat. A Lanny Morry registration.  CRASH BANG WALLOP This is Crash Bang Wallop, which is the impact this rich coloured 4.5 inch flower had on my eyes the first time it opened for me. This is a 2014 registration-introduction of Lanny Morry and is out of (Bill Norris x Lime Peel) x The Colour of Money.
GRAPE TO MEET YOU [Southern Black Racer x 9Maple Leaf Forever x Ana Maria Margetts) ], a 5.5 inch flower standing 34 inches tall. A deep violet with a vibrant grape eye and a wire white edge, and a green over yellow throat, with a halo of orange, brown and pink. A Mick Morry registration.  GRAPE TO MEET YOU This is Grape To Meet You, a 5.5 inch bloom in a 2014 registration of Mick Morry. Parentage is (Southern Black Racer x [Maple Leaf Forever x Ana Maria Margetts] ). The deep violet colour and grape eye hold their colour in our Canadian garden through the hottest of days.
JENNIFER PATTERSON  JENNIFER PATTERSON This is Jennifer Patterson, a Mick Morry registration honouring his wife Jen. Registered in 2008, the first year it bloomed, there was no doubt it would, eventually be released. It is now a 2014 release. Parentage is (Gaudy Gaudy x Flossie Laird). This is a big flower with a ton of substance, and holds its colour beautifully well all day.
MAKE IT SO [ (Bill Norris x Lime Peel) X The Colour of Money ], a 7 inch flower on a 30 inch scape. A fire engine red with a brilliant orange and yellow starburst pattern and a wire cream edge, with a green over yellow throat. A Lanny Morry registration.  MAKE IT SO This is Make It So — another Lanny Morry 2014 registration / introduction, a 7 inch flower that draws its name – Make It So – from Jean Luc Picard’s familiar Star Trek phrase for obvious reasons. Parentage is [ (Bill Norris x Lime Peel) x The Colour Of Money]
POP GOES THE WORLD (King George x Area Fifty One), a 7 inch flower on a tall 40 inch scape. A burnt copper orange with an expansive chalky orange, copper and brown toned watermark, with raspberry veining and a green over yellow throat. A Mick Morry registration.  POP GOES THE WORLD This is Pop Goes The World, a Mick Morry 2014 registration /introduction. Made out of King George x Area Fifty-One (an early Mick registration) we see the clear influence of Area Fifty One in making unusual patterns with almost anything it has been hybridized with. The burnt copper orange , the expansive chalky orange, copper, and brown-toned watermark, the raspberry veining and still the green over yellow throat, are hallmarks of the magic Area Fifty-One has worked with many plants in our garden.
STEVE NEWMAN (Maple Leaf Forever x Bohemia After Dark), an 8 inch flower on a 32 inch scape. A polychrome mulberry with an expansive pale pink watermark with a prominent heavy gold edge, and a green over yellow throat. A Mick Morry registration.  STEVE NEWMAN This is Steve Newman, a 2014 Mick Morry registration and introduction named after our good friend Steve Newman, spouse of Karen Newman. Made out of Mick’s Maple Leaf Forever x Bohemia After Dark, Karen grew this on in Tennessee over the past two years and reports it is the largest flower in her garden, bar none. We have registered it at 8 inches but last summer Karen reported that the blooms were regularly 9 inches, and to see a photo of a clump of open blooms brings home the impact this large bright flower makes on those who see it for the first time.
TROPICAL FISH FLAKES (Shores of Time x Spacecoast Fancy Dancer), a 5.5 inch flower on a 32 inch scape. A hot fuschia with a soft pink watermark and darker fuschia veins, with a prominent cream edge and green over yellow throat. A Lanny Morry registration.  TROPICAL FISH FLAKES I registered this plant as Tropical Fish Flakes, doing my best to capture another Newfoundland themed name. Fish flakes were places in the sun amd open air where salt cod fish was traditionally dried and cured for export around the world when I was a kid hanging out at my grandfather and uncle’s fish plant in Ferryland, Newfoundland. This is my 2014 registration/introduction made out of Shores of Time x Spacecoast Fancy Dancer, two plants I purchased in Florida on one of my treks to the Florida tropics to attend Florida Daylily Mecca, and hence the reason why the plant is named Tropical Fish Flakes.
URANUS  URANUS This is Uranus, a Mick Morry 2010 registration, and 2014 release made out of Ada May Musick, which I purchased in Florida from Luddy Lambertson on my first visit to Daylily Mecca, x Mick’s registration called Twice In A Blue Moon. Out of it came thie beautifully coloured 5 inch flower that seems to have happily integrated some of the nicest features of both its parents into something that looks out of worldly, and hence the name Uranus.
WHEN LOVE BECOMES ELECTRIC (Glory in Red x Nothing Rhymes With Orange), a 7 inch flower on a 32 inch scape. A very pale orange that fades to a glowing sun burnt yellow, with a green over yellow throat. A Mick Morry registration.  WHEN LOVE BECOMES ELECTRIC This is When Love Becomes Electric, and is a 2014 Mick Morry registration and introduction. It is a big, 7 inch flower that opens as a very pale orange then fades to a glowing sun burnt yellow as the day progresses. When Love Becomes Electric is made out of Jack Carpenter’s Glory in Red, which obviously contributed to its size, x Mick’s Nothing Rhymes With Orange, the orange tones of which you can clearly see in this bloom.
WILD RASPBERRY FOOL (Shades of Darkness x The Colour Of Money), a 5.5 inch bloom on a 35 inch scape. A rich raspberry purple with prominent deeper raspberry veins and a fade out patterned eye, with a haunting green over yellow throat with brown, yellow, orange and violet tones, and a wire white edge. A Lanny Morry registration.  WILD RASPBERRY FOOL This is Wild Raspberry Fool, another of my 2014 registration/introductions. It too was inpsired by my childhood memories of picking raspberries, bake apples and blueberries during summers so happily spent in rural Ferryland, Newfoundland. There is nothing more tasty than wild raspberries picked from the brambles and consumed on the spot, unless it is those same raspberries cooked in to a fabulous dessert like a Wild Raspberry Fool. This is a 5.5 inch bloom, made out of the oldie but goodie plant Shades of Darkness, brightened and turned to a lovely raspberry colour by Mick’s Colour of Money, its other parent.