Morry – 2013

All introductions are listed in alphabetical order. Click on each photo to see a full-size, high-quality photo of the flower in full bloom as it would appear in your garden.

CURVACEOUS VIXEN  CURVACEOUS VIXEN Lanny Morry 2013 Introduction-Tetraploid-(Sun Moon Stars x Grandma’s Smile)- Sev, 5.5 inch flowers, 26 inch scape, 4-5 waybranching- 20-24 buds per scape, Mid season, 15 Percent polymerous.Curvaceous Vixen is one of our most vibrant reds to date. On its maiden bloom both Mick and I selected this seedling and between the two of us we came up with its name. Mick suggested it should have Curvaceous in its name because of its loopy, curvy form. And I added Vixen to make it clear this was one hot little number. And with that one of Avalonia’s best reds went right to work in our hybridizing program. A pink sibling may be a future intro too.We have some absolutely fantastic seedlings out of Curvaceous Vixen and some will be future introductions. Because Curvaceous Vixen is a Sun Moon Stars kid it has shown us some occasional polymerous activity. Easily fertile both ways, with large seed counts.
MICK  MICK Mick Morry 2013 Introduction-Tetraploid-(Here Comes The Sun x Sun Moon Stars)-Sev/Dor, 6 inch flowers, 26 inch scape, 4-5 way branching, 20-24 buds per scape, Mid season, 20 percent Polymerous.Named in honour of everyone who shares my name…MICK. I came up with the because I liked the fact that the daylily named Matt which I hybridized with early in my hybridizing career had a short, easy to remember name, and I thought what a good idea. I also noted that everyone named Matthew seems to own it. So here is one for all you Mick’s out there. Because Mick is a Sun Moon Stars kid it is, once again, another intro that shows polymerous flowers on a fairly regular basis. All Sun Moon Stars kids so far have shown at least a few polys for us. Mick has a 3/4 to 1 inch edge that is thick like a rubber eraser. The substance is shockingly waxy, heavy and the flower never, ever hang up. Mick increases very fast for me and is a dormant in my garden and is Sev in Tennessee at Karen and Steve Newman’s. It’s kids in Florida were all Sev. Mick can have sepals as wide as 3.5 inches. Mick is one of the best yellows I have produced, and I am a yellow fanatic. It is actively being used in our hybridizing program. It’s kids are simply shocking and have the highest quality colour, substance and edges. Easily fertile both ways.
ODE TO NEWFOUNDLAND  ODE TO NEWFOUNDLAND Lanny Morry 2013 Introduction-Tetraploid-(Belle Cook x Grandma’s Smile)-Sev, Fragrant, 6 inch flowers, 25 inch scape, 4-5 way branching, 20-24 buds per scape, Mid season.Ode To Newfoundland is one of my most important introductions, and I am honoured that it has been selected as one of Avalonia’s Cover introductions.Ode won a CHS-Canadian Hemerocallis Society Meritorious Seedling award a few years ago for Best Full Form. Ode To Newfoundland has one of the best Pie Crust edges that I have seen and it never, ever hangs up. It passes this very desireable trait on to its children. So far we have selected at least one seedling out of each and every cross made with Ode. It is such an important hybridizing tool. Highly recommended to hybridizers looking for superb substance and shocking edges. Easily fertile both ways.
ROCK WITH YOU  ROCK WITH YOU Mick Morry 2013 Introduction-Tetraploid- (Wild Blue Yonder x Area Fifty-One)-Dormant, 6 inch flowers, 38 inch scapes, 4-5 way branching, 20-24 buds per scape, Mid season.Rock With You is named after my favourite Michael Jackson song. It must have been one of the world’s most favourite songs of his also…as they played that steadily for two days after Michael’s sudden death. Michael Jackson is simply irreplaceable for what he did for modern music.Rock With You has kids that simply ROCK! We have managed to get some seedlings that have true denim blue eyes, and powder blue eyes. Rock With You has the right sort of violet hue in the eye and base to aid in developing better real blue flowers. It is super fertile both ways with very large seed counts and has a mild cotton candy smelling fragrance to boot.
ROCKABILLY REBEL  ROCKABILLY REBEL Mick Morry 2013 Introduction-Tetraploid- (ElegantCandy x Tetra Spirit World)-Dormant, 4 inch flowers, 28 inch scape, 4-5 way branching, 20-24 buds per scape, Mid season.Rockabilly Rebel is a happy little flower. It increases fast and has an excellent bud count and branching and in a mass planting its dayglo colour puts on quite a display as we have seen both at our place here in Canada and also down south at Karen and Steve Newman’s place in Tennessee. Its rich clean vibrant colour brightens up any garden.When I visited Karen and Steve several years ago Steve told me Rockabilly Rebel was one of his favourite flowers he had seen bloom all that season. Rockabilly Rebel is named after a song by the Rockabilly group Matchbox. I grew up listening to Rockabilly, Punk, Ska, Heavy Metal, and many other alternative styles of music in addition to the great pop and top 40’s coming out of the 1970’s, and 80’s too. It was an exciting time to be alive and young with so many amazing groups and singers putting out hit after hit. The 1950’s until the early 1990’s were rich with Rockabilly and Psychobilly music, and it is a style of music that helped shape modern Rock. It is music that has stood the test of time– as I am seeing the kids nowadays listen to music my generation grew up listening to. It is the same for all of us…we listen to what our parents and the generation before us listened to, and it helps shape what music we listen to later in life.Rockabilly Rebel is the parent of many future kids, a number of which are in the 5 inch range or larger. Easily fertile both ways. Very mild rose fragrance.
WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION  WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION Mick Morry 2013 Introduction-Tetraploid-(Desperado Love x Sabine Baur)-Sev, 5.5 inch flowers, 25 inch scape, 4-5 way branching ,24-35 buds per scape. WOMD has 6-7 flowers per node…so it may have anywhere from 24-35 buds per scape. Climate and the weather will dictate how much this plant branches out and how many buds it has.Weapons Of Mass Distraction…or WOMD as it is known around here is my best pattern maker and I have a bunch of future introductions out of it. WOMD really passes on its Crispate form. This simple looking flower has also produced my most complex eyes. This year my mother flowered two kids out of it cut to her St. John’s that just blew all our minds and those.of garden visitors who saw them too.If you are looking for a tetraploid pattern maker that can be bred successfully with any colour…then WOMD is the flower for your hybridizing program. It is super fertile both ways and once again WOMD is another one of our intros that produces large seed counts. WOMD never looks bad and try as we might or as the weather throws spanners at us, we have never been able to take a bad photo of it. Even on the rainiest days this simple looking flower holds its colour and very distinct sharpness on the edges of the patterned eye, and its kids seem to be inheriting this wonderful trait.