Morry – 2012

All introductions are listed in alphabetical order. Click on each photo to see a full-size, high-quality photo of the flower in full bloom as it would appear in your garden.

AMIENS – (Mick Morry 2012 Introduction) Tet (Frank Teele x Ebony Pools) Dormant, Mid Season, 5.5 x 28″ 4 way branching, 16-20 buds, Easily fertile both ways.  AMIENS The Battle of Amiens (also known as the Third Battle of Picardy (French: 3ème Bataille de Picardie)), which began on 8 August 1918, was the opening phase of the Allied offensive later known as the Hundred Days Offensive that ultimately led to the end of the First World War. Allied forces advanced over seven miles on the first day, one of the greatest advances of the war, with Henry Rawlinson’s British Fourth Army playing the decisive role. The battle is also notable for its effects on both sides’ morale and the large number of surrendering German forces. This led Erich Ludendorff to describe the first day of the battle as “the black day of the German Army.” Amiens was one of the first major battles involving armoured warfare and marked the end of trench warfare on the Western Front; fighting becoming mobile once again until the armistice was signed on 11 November 1918. Amiens produces rich, velvety children that have wonderful substance, and balanced form. Amiens is the parent of many future introductions.
ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES (Mick Morry 2012 Introduction) Tet (Edge Of Heaven x Flock Of Doves) Dormant, Mid Season, 5.00 x 32″ inch scape, 4 way branching 16-20 buds, Double 20%, mildly fragrant. Easily fertile both ways.  ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES Angels With Dirty Faces is named after the song of the same name by the British Punk Rock group…Sham 69. Angels With Dirty Faces is my first introduction that doubles and breeds children that double. Its prominent raised pink blushed midribs accent the cream, white and yellow tones of this happy flower. Angels With Dirty Faces holds up well to heat and rain and so do its kids.
AVALONIA QUASAR (Mick Morry 2012 introduction) Tet (Grand Palais x Twist Of Lemon) Dormant, Mid Season, 5.5 x 28″ 4 way branching, 16-20 buds per scape. Easily fertile both ways.  AVALONIA QUASAR Avalonia Quasar is one of those unique flowers that shows multiple faces and range of colour. Some days Avalonia Quasar shows a near blue eye….while other days it shows a white or purple eye. Some days it shows a pattern…while other days it is a solid normal eye. Avalonia Quasar is a flower that keeps you guessing what it will look like tomorrow. Its children seem to all pick up Avalonia Quasar’s electric colour, as well as its diversity of colour.
CAPTURE THAT CLOUD (Mick Morry 2012 introduction) Tet (Mystical Rainbow x Tetra Alpine Mist) Dormant, Mid Season 4.5″ x 28″ 4 way branching, 16-20 buds, Easily fertile both ways.  CAPTURE THAT CLOUD Capture That Cloud owes its unique colour to Tet Alpine Mist. While Capture That Cloud is a simple flower…its kids are very unique and have such diverse colour going on. While Capture That Cloud does not poly itself…its children do, and many are being evaluated for future
LOVE AND ROCKETS (Mick Morry 2012 Introduction) Tet (Cameroon’s Twister x Area Fifty-One) Dormant, Mid season 6″ x 38″ 4-5 way branching. 16-24 buds per scape . Easily fertile both ways.  LOVE AND ROCKETS Love And Rockets was named after my favourite alternative rock group from the 1990’s. After the death of lead singer Peter Murphy of the underground alternative group Bauhaus the remaining band members created the group Love And Rockets. Daniel Ash — the former lead guitarist and back up vocals in Bauhaus — took the helm. The changes the band made to both the bands image and in the creation of a much less depressing style of music they played…turned heads and made the headlines. The transformation was nothing short of spectacular and Love And Rockets eclipsed their former band’s sales and popularity. Within two years of the band’s face lift…just after their second album…they hit the top 40 charts…where they remained throughout the 90’s. Love And Rockets is one of those one in a million groups that never produced a bad album and — it can be argued — not even a bad song. Very few musicians or groups can say that. The combination of Cameroon’s Twister blended to Area Fifty-One opens up the door for some very interesting watermarks. Its children so far are mostly watermarked with shades of orange, grey, red, violet and other soft, warm beautiful colours. Love And Rockets has produced some wonderful future introductions.
MASKED MOUSE (Mick Morry 2012 introduction) Tet (Tetra Jedi Tequila x Sunrise x Purple Pauper) Dormant, Mid Season 4.75 ” x 25″ 4 way branching 16-20 buds per scape 20% polymerous… throwing 5×5’s most commonly. Easily fertile both ways.  MASKED MOUSE Masked Mouse is the newest addition to my Mouse series. Like my previous flowers in the mouse series Masked Mouse is a smaller flower. This pony sized bloom is very fertile, and is the full pod sib to Metrosexual, Grasshopper, Retrosexual and 4 other future introductions yet to be named out of this single crossing. While some of its sibs are more reluctant to hold pods Masked Mouse does not suffer from this, and is a great pod setter. Its substance is very thick and heavy and it holds up to sun and rain very well because of this heavier than normal substance.
PLANET VULCAN (Mick Morry 2012 Introduction) Tet (Area Fifty-One x Banana Cream Beauty) Dormant, Mid season, 6 x 40″ 4 way branching 16-20 buds per scape. Easily fertile both ways.  PLANET VULCAN Planet Vulcan is my first introduction that has puckered petals that pinch at the throat. Its also sculpted and these two combinations have made some very interesting future introductions. Planet Vulcan has heavy, waxy, almost rubber like qualities and holds up beautifully to the sun and moderate rain.
PUNK ROCKER (Mick Morry 2012 introduction) Tet (Red Regatta x Area Fifty-One) Dormant, Mid season, 5.5 x 38″ 4 way branching. 16-20 buds per scape 20% polymerous, throwing mostly 5×5’s but some 4×4’s. Easily fertile both ways.  PUNK ROCKER Punk Rocker has been a fantastic breeding tool for putting ruffles on reds. It also has very strong sun and rain fighting capabilities and has produced waxy, heavy substance flowers that have rich last all day colour. Its kids tend to poly substantially as does Punk Rocker itself. Punk Rocker has a pattern breaking out in its eye zone and its children have inherited this thankfully…giving me a new direction of colour to move in with pattern breeding.
RETROSEXUAL (Mick Morry-2012 introduction) Tet (Tetra Jedi Tequila Sunrise x Purple Pauper) Dormant, Mid season 5.5-6 “x 25 ” 4 way branching 16-20 buds per scape 10% polymerous throwing mostly 5×5’s so far. Fertile both ways. Pods do not set well with this one on hotter days.  RETROSEXUAL The opposite of Metrosexual is Retrosexual, and like the average Retrosexual this flower does not care about its hair or image and does whatever it feels like. Retrosexual may be a cascading flower one day and the next flowering it might show its crispate look. It can poly and also can show some petaloid doubling off and on. Retrosexual is just happy being itself. You have to admire a flower that’s comfortable in its own skin.
SOOTY SAM (Mick Morry 2012 introduction) Tet (Sir Modred x Area Fifty-One) Dormant, Mid Season 5-5.5″ x 36″ 4 way branching
16-20 buds per scape. Easily fertile both ways.
 SOOTY SAM Sooty Sam is named after a black whippet dog renowed in England for the line of racing/coursing/rabbiting dogs that have descended directly from him. Like the whippet this introduction has dark, smoky colour going on. Sooty Sam has pinkish/red mid ribs that really aid in showing off the frog green gaseous looking throat. Sooty Sam has been instrumental in getting me closer to the black range in hemerocallis, and many of its children
are darker than Sooty Sam itself is.
SUN SAND SURF (Mick Morry 2012 Introduction) Tet (Spacecoast Tiny Perfection x Light Motif) Dormant, Mid season, 4.5 x 26 inch” 4 way branching 16-20 buds per scape, mild fragrance, Easily fertile both ways.  SUN SAND SURF Sun Sand Surf is where I want to be. I love the southern United States, and I love water, the beach, and the sound of the surf. I gave Sun Sand Surf its name because of the many sand and coral tones the flower takes. It has so many faces. I seem to select for flowers that have many faces and forms. In the south such as in Tennessee….Sun Sand Surf is a hot coral pink. Up north in our Avalonia garden it shows more subtle and less brilliant colour. This flower clearly wants to be down south just as much as I wish to be myself. Sun Sand Surf has created some of the most shocking futures…all much better than itself. Three of its best kids are growing on in our test garden in Tennessee under Karen and Steve Newman’s wonderful care. One kid was just registered this summer as Terry Fox…Canada’s favourite civilian hero, just out of his teens, who fought to defeat cancer and ran half way across Canada on one leg before his cancer recurred and claimed his life. This flower is ground zero for producing shocking pony sized blooms that are much, much better than Sun Sand Surf is. Highly recommended for hybridizers.
THE COLOUR OF MONEY (Mick Morry 2012 introduction) Tet (Chinese Chariot x Twist Of Lemon) Dormant, Mid season, 6″ x 34″ 4 way branching, 16-20 buds per scape. Easily fertile both ways.  THE COLOUR OF MONEY The Colour Of Money was an obvious name for a flower that showed so many faces…many with tremendous green, and yellow coverage. The Colour Of Money has been a tremendous hybridizing tool with many children coming out as future introductions. Its children have been throwing a lot of polys due to Twist Of Lemon is its dad, and Twist Of Lemon is a very reliable poly thrower itself. Several of its kids have throats larger than golf balls. One has a throat the size of a tennis ball. I believe this flower will be very important in hybridizing to expand the size of green throats in tetraploids…an important step in getting a full solid true green hemerocallis.
TYRANT LIZARD KING (Mick Morry 2012 introduction) Tet-(Velvet Widow x Area Fifty-One) Dormant, Early to Mid Season, 45 inch scape, 5 way branching, 20-24 buds per scape, 7-9 inch flowers naturally standing. Flattened out TLK has 12 inch long petals and sepals. 30% polymerous. Pollen fertile, but extremely reluctant as a pod parent.  TYRANT LIZARD KING Tyrant Lizard King–terror of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Tyrant Lizard King gets its name because of the huge over 1 cm teeth that it sometimes shows. Usually they are in a horn like position on the mid upper portion of the petals. The T-Rex family all had small horns. TLK also shows a tooth here and there on other areas of the petals and even one here and there on a sepal. It does not have many teeth and it does not show them every day, but when it does they are large teeth that command attention. Tyrant Lizard King is a tall, fast increasing plant that puts up multiple fans and flowering scapes in a very short period of time. If you are looking for a plant that will fill an area fast…TLK is your plant. TLK has some incredible kids coming out as future introductions. Thankfully they did not pick up the lack of pod setting, and all are double fertile. Producing huge, tall children with shocking dinosaur sized green throats is what Tyrant Lizard King does best.
WITCH WITH ATTITUDE (Mick Morry 2012 introduction) Tet (Area Fifty-One x Tetra Sammy Russell) Dormant, Mid season 6-7 x 40″ 5 way branching, 16-20 buds per scape Easily fertile both ways.  WITCH WITH ATTITUDE If you are looking for blinding colour then this simply, elegant flower is the one you are looking for. Witch With Attitude was given its name after a funny line in the Evil Dead series…where Ash..the average Joe, but slightly eccentric hero….takes on a crazy, demonic witch. Ash is thrown into a pit with a half dozen other captives. The witch emerges and takes out all but Ash and a couple of other survivors of her first attack. Ash looks over his shoulder to the other captives immediately upon witnessing the demonic witches first attack on the first group of men, and says…”that witch sure has attitude”. Like that demonic witch this witch has attitude, and has produced some incredible vibrant and heavily veined children…thanks to Sammy Russell its dad.