Introducing Mick Morry

Delano Daylilies is proud to serve as the official USA Test Garden for the Morry family of Avalonia Daylilies in Manotick, Ontario, Canada.  Our Canadian friends–Mick, Mick’s wife (Jennifer Patterson) and Mick’s mom (Ms. Lanny)–continue to send us their future introductions to grow for increase and for testing in an alien environment from which they originated.  If they don’t grow well here, they are bound for the compost pile.

We’re honored to handle all of their sales if you live in the United States.  If you live in Canada or elsewhere, Mick and Ms. Lanny will process your order from their garden in Canada.  This arrangement saves our stateside customers the expense of a phyto certificate—and we’re all about saving you money!

These plants were all bred in Canada and seem to grow extremely well here in Southeast Tennessee.  More detailed information can be found on their web site at  If you see something on their site that strikes your fancy (and if we are growing it in Tennessee), ask about it.  Mick and Lanny have been known to release a plant early.  You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

Our updated Price List link contains more than forty (40) Morry registrations available for sale.  In addition to those, we are growing quite a few of their future introductions.  They come to our Tennessee gardens each bloom season to evaluate their plants and check out our Southern hospitality.

Mick has been breeding world famous purebred Whippets for over 25 years. He has produced more than 40 Canadian champions. Mick has always been fascinated with genetics and became addicted to daylilies after working in orchids for a few years where he has registered two Cattleya alliance.

When he started seriously hybridizing, he began cutting in the best southern lines with dormant lines that he had produced out of older proven, northern programs. His primary goals are with shocking colour, green throats, textured effects, patterns and funky eye zones.

Mick and his mother (Ms. Lanny) live in rural Manotick, Ontario, Canada (AHS Region 4, Zone 4b/5). For more than twenty years they have been involved in breeding orchids (cattleyas) and champion whippets. They originally started their whippet breeding program with the finest available stock from Europe and developed the ultimate breeding line.

In 1998, Avalonia kennels took the Europeans by storm and Mick’s home bred whippet, Cdn. Ch. Avalonia Wheatfield Waving, won the world championship in Helsinki, Finland, the dog world’s Stout Medal equivalent, and set records as the first Canadian bred dog to do so.

When Mick turned his attention to hybridizing daylilies, his energy and enthusiasm could not be contained. As with whippet stock, he sought out the “best of the best” breeding lines for his introductions. He’s still young (early 40’s) and with eight generations of seedlings under evaluation with only the best parents, he is already becoming a force to be reckoned with in the daylily world.

Working only with tetraploids and focusing on water-resistance and heat-resistance, Mick is also making leaps forward in ruffling, sculpting, polytepaling, veining, form and branching. He focuses on hot colors but isn’t afraid to mix it up a bit! If his plants can’t survive Canada’s cold winters and also bloom in Florida’s heat (and be breedable both ways) they’re headed for the compost heap!

An accomplished writer, Mick Morry has been published in Journals of both the Canadian Hemerocallis Society and the American Hemerocallis Society. He is also a very talented painter. His watercolors of several daylilies at the recent Can-Am Convention were a big hit and commanded top dollars at auction.

Mick with H. ‘I Dream In Green’ (Morry 2006) and H. ‘Simply Delirious’ (Morry 2006)
Both of these cultivars were introduced in Spring 2009 at Delano Daylilies.
See “Price List” link for more information.

Remember the name–Mick Morry–and watch for his future introductions. You can contact Mick or read more about him at :
Mick & Lanny Morry
Avalonia Daylilies
3901 River Road
R.R. 3, Manotick, Ontario, Canada
K4M 1B4

Telephone: (613) 826-0251


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