Getting To Know Us



Welcome to Delano Daylilies, home to Steve and Karen Newman and around 1,400 varieties of daylilies. A lot of people have a difficult time pronouncing Delano. It’s pronounced (Del’-a-no) – just like Franklin Delano Roosevelt. There’s a story behind the name, dating back to the 1920’s, of how FDR was instrumental in the naming of our community. We’ll save that story for another time.

Fortunately, two of our long-time customers decided they want to work on Saturdays during bloom season. I don’t know if they just feel sorry for us or not, but they are the answer to prayers! What a joy they are to be around. They’re both serious gardeners with years of experience. They’re hard workers with excellent people skills. They make work fun and we can’t help smiling when we are around them. Thank you Betty and Heather! I’m glad you put your “application” in for next year and hope you don’t change your mind! We love having you around and appreciate your hard work.

Brother Harold (the cat) with his two helpers (Betty and Heather).

Steve is giving Brother Harold (the cat) final instructions before visitors arrive. Bro. Harold is available for supervision and moral support.

Little Sister (our 18-year-old cat) passed over the Rainbow Bridge in June 2013. Her body just wore out. She was a treasure!

The two outside cats (Mick and One-Too-Many) are always around, but it remains to be seen how well they do as garden greeters. Mick (approaching his 20th birthday) is more interested in eating and sleeping. And One-Too-Many (just barely three years old) is still a little jumpy around a lot of unfamiliar faces. Time will tell.


ONE TOO MANY & FROG #1 60613

We took a break in 2010 to attend the National Daylily Convention in Valdosta, Georgia. Steve found some shade during the tour of Tim Bell’s garden in Sycamore, Georgia.

We usually have over a dozen groups to visit during bloom season. They range from The Etowah Friendly Garden Club (they hold their June meeting in the garden every year)

to the Maryville Mazda Miata Car Club–now, that’s a unique way to fill the parking area!

I’m glad to see parents and grandparents passing on their love of gardening to youngsters. Maleah has already figured out that daylilies can be a lot of work and she’ll need to take an occasional break!

You’re welcome to visit any time during bloom season. If our business hours don’t accommodate your schedule, just call us and we’ll work around your schedule.

Our job is done, but this customer has plenty of work to do when he gets his purchases home!

The shovel is silent for now, but in a very short time, it will see action again!